March 28, 2005

Review: My Spring Break

Robertcat’s Fun-Tastic Spring Break Spectacular Blowout Bash began with a mini-trip to Nashville to watch the Ohio Bobcats in NCAA 1st round action. After coming back from a 20-point deficit in the 2nd half, they lost it in the waning seconds due to a David Lee airball that gave way to an offensive rebound, putback, and one. Then the Bobcats forgot to take a shot in their last two possessions and consequently, went home.

Never fear though, I killed 18 hobos (one for each of Matt Walsh’s brain cells) on my way out of town, so I’d give the slight edge to the robertcat in the weekend series.

The rest of the week was spent in sunny (42 degrees + monsoon-like rainfall) Greenville, Ohio where I watched the shiznit out of my parents’ 12 HBO channels. I’ve now seen Along Came Polly eight times. Which is eight more than I should admit to anyone ever.

When I wasn’t watching "Curb Your Enthusiasm" reruns or the March Madness insanity (you can read my thoughts about it in the Sports Blog), I was owning the Darke Co. streetball scene with a bevy of behind the back dishes and busting raindrops from 25-feet. I’ve now achieved legend status @ the park, now known to most as Triple Mocha Latte. Never mind that the kids I played against were 9&10 year olds. And semi-retarded.

Alright, this is a worthless post and "Airline" just came on TV, so I’m going to stop typing. Now.

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