December 15, 2004

Kelly Kapowski Nude!

While checking the stats for this humble site, sometimes I find some interesting referrals. Because of my title quote “I French Kissed Kelly Kapowski” (which, by the way, is 100% true), it seems this blog is a new destination for perverts everywhere google-searching for “Kelly Kapowski nude.” One sick son-of-a-bitch even searched for “Kelly Kapowski bukakke.” Just kidding, but not really.

In order to appease all you freaks out there, I did a little investigatory work and found quite a gem. I’m not sure where this is from (possibly when Kelly went to Paris to do some modeling after the “Swimsuit Calendar” episode), but apparently she DID do a little topless work (and I’m not talking about Tiffani Thiessen’s see-through-shirt pics that came out in the 90210 days - not that I’ve ever seen them or even know what a woman’s breasts look like, MOM).

So being the philanthropist that I am, I put a link up for you dirty deviants to get your jollies to. Merry Christmas.

On a completely different note, it looks like my reasons to like Ohio State football have increased from zero to one. High school linebacker James Laurinaitis just signed a letter of intent to play for the Bucks next year. Who is he, you ask? None other than the son of Joe Laurinaitis, better known as ROAD WARRIOR ANIMAL from the Legion of Doom. Scouts say James impressed them by continuously delivering devastating clotheslines to QB’s everywhere.


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