March 14, 2005

This is WAY better than the prom.

Saturday, March 12, 2005 will go down as honestly one of the best days of my life. That may sound sad, but I don’t care. My Ohio Bobcats won the MAC Championship and I was there to see it. I can definitely say that I’ve never witnessed a more exciting sporting event ever. Except maybe the time I sank the game-winning free throws in the 6th-grade YMCA Championship game with no time left on the clock. Ice water in my veins.

The best part about it, besides the fact that it’s the first time OU has won the MAC or gone to the Big Dance since ’94, is how we did it. Avenging a loss to Kent State earlier in the tournament, followed by un-popping the collars of our hated rival Miami, and finally beating Buffalo for the third time this year to take home the title. With a tip in at the buzzer. In overtime. After being down 19 points in the second half. With two freshman starters who combined for 50 points. After being projected last in the MAC in the preseason by every single coach.

Listen to the Radio Call of the final seconds...

Watch the Post-game Celebration


The atmosphere @ Gund Arena was insane. There were buttloads of OU people all over, and after we won, the court was stormed faster than the buffet line at a Majerus family Christmas. I even stiff-armed an usher chick Heisman-style when she tried to get in my way.

After the game we went to the designated OU bar in Cleveland where I got an Ohio MILF to pay for my beer. Clutch.

Now the ‘Cats are off to Nashville to take on 4th seeded Florida, my #1 least favorite basketball team of all-time. I’ve got us going through to the Sweet 16. So should you, if you have any rocks in your sack.

To put the magnitude of this feat in perspective, here’s a scenario that I put together in my head. If, somehow, the New York Yankees (who I love more than most things in this world) made it to the NCAA tournament and got matched up against OU, I’d be rooting for the Bobcats. However, I understand that this makes no sense and the likelihood of this happening is at best four-to-one.

Here’s another one. Say, somehow the Bobcats played a teamfull of Kelly Kapowskis for the MAC title, and I could either have the Bobcats win or have sex with all the Kelly Kapowskis at the same time. I’d take the Bobcats win. I understand that this also makes no sense and maybe makes a case for my homosexuality.

The Top-5 Sports Moments of my Life (that I can remember):

1) Ohio Bobcats win MAC

2) 2003 ALCS, Game 7 “Aaron Boone”

3) 1996 World Series (first Yankee title of my life)

4) 1990 World Series (Reds sweep steroid-laced A’s)

5) 1999 NCAA Basketball Championship (UConn & Khalid El-Amin “shock the world”)

p.s. - This was the first time in a while that I couldn't spend the majority of my day watching hoops, so I blogged like a wild man. Check out all the new stuff.

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