March 31, 2005

Retiring. From life.

Well, it’s Spring Quarter of my senior year. This means two things: 1) I’m almost graduated. & 2) This is the time of year in Ohio that girls start to reveal much of their previously winter-covered anatomy, causing me to stare at them longingly and creepily from afar, wondering what kind of panties they might be wearing.

Nevertheless, my focus on pretty much everything in life goes from about 5% to negative 100 billion %. At any given point in the day there’s a good chance you can find me drinking, eating various grilled meats, running the streetball scene, and watching TV… all at the same time.

Therefore, typing blog entries is not exactly on my short list of things to do for the day. However, I decided to make an unconscious commitment to update this thing almost every time it’s raining outside, there’s nothing good on TV, the Yankees aren’t playing, I’m not too drunk, or if somehow every attractive female on the planet suddenly goes extinct. Hey, you never know.

I don’t want to say that I’ve ran out of good ideas, because to run out is to say that I’ve had any at all to begin with. I’m thinking 1-2 posts per week on the main page and the Sports Blog will probably become standard, and at least 75% of them will involve Saved by the Bell or underage females… ahem… of-age females. A pre-emptive apology to anyone who isn’t a Kelly Kapowski fan. p.s. – If you don’t think Rod was the cooler Belding brother, you are a dork.

Alright, well, Penelope Cruz just came on Letterman, so I’m going to make like a machete and whack off. I mean, make like a tree and scram. I mean, shut up. Later.

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