January 23, 2005

You are not reading this.

That’s because this post doesn’t exist. Because like God (and the San Francisco 49ers), Robertcat rests on Sundays (and any other day I’m too drunk to operate a keyboard & 2.4 GHz of computing power).

You see, Saturday nights are when I like to take my hand out on dates, and we usually end up drinking too much Hennessey and staying up WAY past midnight. Yada yada yada, I’m really tired on Sundays.

So, check back tomorrow when I have a real post, a new tool of the week, a new word of the day, a new feature (kindof) and a new assortment of nude photos of myself.

Until then, watch this flash animation and start questioning your (and the guy who created its) existence. I don’t know why this was created, I don’t know why I watched it, and I CERTAINLY don’t know why I am linking it.

Here's my Conference Championship Picks: Cincinnati Bengals to win. Get out your wallets, call your bookie, and wager your first born's left testacle on this scientific fact. Chad Johnson will catch 37 passes for 573 yards and 12 touchdowns, guaranteed. Then he will do a sweet touchdown celebration and say that he didn't remember doing it. Then he'll tell Oprah to call him. Then I will wake up from this dream and the Patriots will be playing the Eagles in the Super Bowl. Shit.

Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to go light up my toilet with a fury of vomit and try to get rid of this massive hangover. Laaaaaaaaaate.

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