January 21, 2005

Best. Meteorologists. Ever.

The first ever two-post day in the history of this blog, but it’s an emergency. After seeing the psychotic weatherman over at Gorillamask, I found a gold-mine straight out of Ohio University. Weather hasn’t been this funny since Chris Farley played “El Nino” on SNL. Watch these and then head to the hospital to get your spleen un-ruptured or maybe just go out and purchase a coffin, because you may die from laughing.

Completely Psychotic Weatherman - I’m not sure why this guy gets to keep his job. Maybe it’s because he makes people laugh their asses off because of how incredibly insane he is. Although it’s not too hard to believe, given that he works at a FOX affiliate. Check it out and then look for apartments in the Charlotte area. Check that, it turns out he just got fired this week. Too bad, it seemed like he really had a future in the business.

Horribly Awkward Weatherman - This weatherman’s forecast is just as funny (if not funnier) than the first one, but for entirely different reasons. This is one of the most horribly awkward things I have seen in a long time. Like the Star Wars Kid, you can’t help but die laughing but also feel really bad for the guy at the same time. Especially since he goes to my school.

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