January 20, 2005

Random Stuff: For you to poop on.

No real post today, but I’ve got a new "Word of the Day"(as always) and a few semi-features in the works, all involving some ice cubes, a nine-iron, and a buffalo (live or stuffed, preferably stuffed for safety’s sake). Look for them soon. In the meantime, I got your 24-piece set of web-finds right here:

Kerpal – “Kicked my dog.” – CLASSIC Jerky Boys’ prank call, set to flash. The animation is pretty weak, but the audio is killer. “YOU KNOW DAMN RIGHT!!!”

Kerpal Sound Board – create your own prank call with your favorite Kerpal quotes. “You don’t ask dumb question.” You bastard.

Johnny Deluxe - Vi vil ha' mer' (music video) – in honor of my “Danish” buddies, here’s a sampling of the hottest thing straight out of Denmark. I’m can’t be sure what exactly they’re talking about but I think it has something to do with “wanting to have sex with VIP’s,” which sounds like a pretty decent idea if you ask me. The video isn’t anything spectacular but the song is about as catchy as the Ebola virus.

Drømmer jeg? – another video offering from JD. Again, if I spoke Danish this song would probably have a lot more meaning to me. I just like to pretend that the chick is telling everyone that “Robertcat is a tiger in the sack.” But they’re probably just talking about hash brownies and wooden shoes or something. Oh wait, that’s Holland. Never mind.

Geography Bee (found on Gorillamask) – put all 50 states in their proper place on the map. I got a 90% my first try, but only because I refused to recognize West Virginia as a state.

p.s. - I broke down and got on thefacebook yesterday, mostly because I can’t resist the opportunity to stalk girls, but also because… uh… damn. Okay so there’s only one reason. Anyway, add me so I can stalk you too. Guys, you’re welcome to join in as well, as long as you put out.

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