January 15, 2005

Pretty much my favorite animal.

Maybe I’m riding in the proverbial caboose of society, but I just found out yesterday that Napoleon Dynamite’s mythical “Liger” actually exists.

Apparently a Liger is when a male lion is crossed w/ a female tiger, creating a supercat that lacks a growth-inhibiting gene, making them like 10 feet tall. Don’t believe me? Check out the links below – see for yourself. “I like her bangs.” “Yeah, me too.”

Hobbs the Liger - Currently resides in the Sierra Safari Zoo.

Ligers and Tigons
- Don't trust the zoo? Get your info from a Canadian 8th grader named Keith. He was in TAG, and those kids are smart - I should know, I was one.

Wikipedia's Definition
- "Lions and tigers also do not usually want to mate with each other."

This Picture - I swear to God that Nicholas Cage is the one feeding him. He's also wearing Hammer Pants. Another Picture.

Now I’m just wondering if they truly have skills in magic as well.

Interestingly enough, there are those that are not very fond of this freak of nature, and they made a website about it. The official home of the Anti-Liger Alliance, seeks to “rid the world of man’s deadliest foe,” apparently with help from Mr. Miyagi and Optimus Prime.

I think everyone I know has heard about this, but in case you didn’t, check out what happened in a Vermont high school basketball game the other day. The final score was 5-2, with the game-winning shot being made in the second quarter. Sadly enough, if you add my career JV scoring average to the losing squad, we still would have lost. My favorite quote from the losing coach:

"We were one possession away to tie the game. We have not been in that position for quite some time."

If only my high school’s coaches would have thought of this maybe we would have won more than 3 games in the last 10 years. Or at least not lost them all by 50.

Speaking of Will Ferrell, I found an obscure video of his genius self speaking at Harvard’s 2003 Class Day while surfing PK.com. Pretty freaking funny. Check it out if you have a spare ½ hour (fast forward to the 1:30 mark). You'll probably laugh at least once.

"Some of you will be captains of industry and business. Others of you will go on to great careers in medicine, law and public service. Four of you — and I'm not at liberty to say which four — will go on to magnificent careers in the porno industry. I'm not trying to be funny. That's just a statistical fact."

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