January 17, 2005

Happy MLK Day

Monday. Another Tool, another Word, and yet another crappy post. I sense a trend is in the making…

- Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. MiLK day, as I affectionately call it. His birthday was actually Saturday though. Either way, he was a good guy and you should do something to honor him today, like show me your boobs. Or just listen to one of his speeches.

- Peyton Manning - your NFL season touchdown record-holder (49) - threw for exactly as many playoff TD’s this week (0) as Jon Kitna, Jeff Blake, Luke McCown, Brian Griese, Craig Krenzel, Rob Bernhard, Anna Kournikova, Bubby Brister, and “Icebox” from Little Giants.

- I saw Bill Walton speak on Saturday. He called Larry Bird “a true genius of the human spirit.” He also thanked Jerry Garcia for pretty much everything good that’s ever happened in his life. I wish that last sentence was a joke.

- The Bobcats looked sweet again on Saturday, giving Kent a few “golden flashes” of their own. I predict that within three years, most of you that follow sports will have heard the name Jeremy Fears. That kid can PLAY BALL.

- Dad’s weekend @ OU – it’s really sad to see frat guys teach their fathers how to properly slip roofies in girls’ drinks at the bars.

- Seinfeld Blog – has descriptions, scripts, and apparently downloadable videos of every Seinfeld episode, but I couldn’t get the vids to work because I’m MH. You can do a script search and find out what episode the “eatin’ onions, spottin’ dimes” bit is in. It has a lot of other stuff too, like naked pictures of Elaine. I mean I wish. Never mind.

- Oprah, I swear to God if you don’t call me then Steadman is dead. Just kidding, but not really.

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