January 10, 2005

Mondays are for Losers

Monday: a new Tool of the Week, a new Word of the Day, and a really crappy post. Guaranteed or your money back, right up your ass.

Random Stuff:

1) Glad I didn’t bet on the Wild Card games. 1 for 4 is pretty weak, not to mention Brett Farve’s performance last night and the broadcasting butcher show that happened during the Rams/Seahawks game. Joe Theismann is worthless.

2) Went to the OU Basketball game. We are sweet. So is the dance team. So is one of the new cheerleaders. I promise I’ll get some good pics next time (of the guys in the shower, duh).

3) My NCAA Hoops National Championship Pick: North Carolina. You heard it here.

4) Brad & Jennifer call it quits, it looks like I now have a chance. With Jennifer. Brad is still WAY out of my league.

5) Isn’t Ben Stiller due out with a new movie soon? I’m getting bored.

6) Oprah, call me.

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